Tuesday, May 29, 2012

bus pariwisata symphonie jakarta

JAKARTA BUS is present as an information service center of Bus Rental companies Rent Elf Tourism and Tourism in Greater Jakarta in order to facilitate the customers in getting the services and tourism information about cheap bus rental and Rent Cheap Elf

Get new experience in your travels with U.S. ...


Vacation or business trip is a ride that is fun and memorable. But it will not be pleasant and memorable if not supported by proper means. For that we are here to provide the best solution for those of you who want to travel on vacation or business, both inside and outside of the town we provide tourist bus capacities ranging from 27 seat tourist bus | bus seats 29 tourism | tourist bus seat 40 | 47 seat bus tourism | tourist bus rental elves seat 59 and seat 12 from the tourism | tourism elf rental seat 15

"Our priority is your safety and comfort"

In keeping with our motto, we will provide a top of the BUS as a tool Visitors are your travels. The tourist bus that will accompany your journey is supported by the bus driver and bus crews are experienced, so make your trip enjoyable and memorable.

Jln. I Gusti Ngurahrai No. 29 Klender Jakarta Timur
021- 86602497 | 021- 86614281


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