Thursday, March 24, 2011

hino bus type ever direalese

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From various sources
I finally found
Hino models of history that
official in Indonesia.

List compiled by
year of publication.
type, year of production cc

AK172 1974-1992 6443cc 172PS

AK173 1985-1992 6443cc 173PS

AK174 1986-1995 6443cc 174PS

RK174 1988-1995 6443cc 174PS

RK2HM 1990-1998 - 6728cc

RK2HR 1991-2004 6728cc 200PS
H07C-T (Turbo)

AK176 1991-1997 6443cc 176PS

AK3HR 1995-2007 7412cc 190PS

RG1JN 1996-2005 7961cc 240PS
J08C-TI (turbo intercooler)

RG1JS 1997-2007 7961cc 240PS
J08C-TI (turbo intercooler)

2004-2007 AK1JRKA 210PS
7961cc JO8C-NA

AK8JRKA 2007 -.. 215PS 7684cc
J08E-UH (turbo intercooler)

RK8JSKA 2007 -.. 235PS 7684cc

RK8JSKA 2007 -.. 260PS 7684cc
Jo8E-UF (turbo intercooler)

Unit labor to Hino
using the PS (Pferde-
Staarke) because it refers
on JIS.
Why use PS JIS?

this is due to past
Japan is closely related
with German
So Japan is more willing
joined German units than
other countries.

Why are AK old engine turbo
which is why the field
is not no dilist?

Answer: because it can almost
confirm if the machine
slips out, if not
Thailand usually *** wan.

Actually RG tuh how PS
anyway? 240PS, 250PS or 260PS.

answer: it all really tuh!
indeed the standard 240PS. But
there who feel that much PO
still less, so taken
J08C-T log
250PS and 260PS.

hope useful ...


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