Friday, December 31, 2010

scania po nusantara

Scania Irizar adalah salah satu
gebrakan besar dari PO
Nusantara di dunia
transportasi darat bis di
negeri kita, dengan
mengandalkan mesin buatan
negara Swedia dan bodi
rakitan dari negara Spanyol
dengan material terbuat dari
bahan fiber, dengan tenaga
310 hp dan kekuatan mesin
9000 cc siap berkiprah di
Scania Irizar PO Nusantara
siap untuk mengisi
keanekaragaman bis di negeri
tercinta , PO Nusantara berani
berinovasi dengan
mendatangkan varian baru bis
dengan mesin Scania langsung
build up dengan cc yang lebih
kecil dari varian-varian
sebelumnya dengan kapasitas
mesin 12.000 cc.

Dengan mengusung mesin
DSC9 21 (Euro 3) Diesel Engine
dengan Turbo Charger,
Intercooler dan Direct
Injection (Scania PDE) yang
mampu menghasilkan tenaga
atau max output 228 kW (310
hp pada 1.900 r/min max
torque 1.550 Nm (158 kpm) @
1.100 r/min – 1300 r/min
dengan fuel water separator
dan air intake pre-cleaner
mampu menghasilkan tenaga/
akselerasi yang kencang tapi
tetap irit dalam
pengkonsumsian bahan bakar.
Dari segi kenyamanan, Scania
Irizar sangat memanjakan
penumpang, dengan interior
yang cukup mewah, dilengkapi
air suspension yang mampu
meredam getaran, dan bentuk
kursi yang ergonomis
membuat kita yang menikmati
perjalanan tidak merasakan
capek atau pegal-pegal badan
dan ketika melakukan
manuver tetap terasa nyaman
dan lincah.

New Scania Touring: Buildinga global identity

Robust, high quality and easily
recognisable. These were
some of the guidelines for
Scania ’s styling team when the
new Scania Touring coach
began to take shape on the
drawing board. Scania
products are among the most
important brand carriers for
the company.

Thus a new Scania coach must convey the brand values and product identity. For
the Scania Touring coach, the
goal was to create a global
identity that is common
throughout the product
portfolio. This is why some of
these distinctive Scania styling
cues can also be found on
Scania trucks.
Brand recognition
“People should clearly see
that the Scania Touring coach
is part of the Scania family, ”
says Ingrid Nilsson-Czornyj,
bus and coach designer at
Scania ’s styling department.

“At the start of the project,
we began by establishing what
characteristics and styling
features define a Scania
vehicle, ” she says. “One of the
strongest features is what we
call the ‘wrapping T’, the
shape that is formed by the
grille and the wraparound
windscreen. Another element
we wanted to incorporate is
the distinguished way the
surfaces are sculpted. ”
The ‘wrapping T’ shape is
characteristic for all new
Scania trucks and coaches.
The shape is formed by the
grille and the wraparound
Driver station ergonomics
The coach’s interior must also
reflect the Scania identity.

Christina Isomaa, who is in
charge of developing colour
and trim, says she tried to
create a harmonically
restrained interior adapted to
the European market.
“In addition,” Nilsson-Czornyj
says, “the driver station with
its sweeping dashboard line
has driver-friendly
ergonomics. It meets high
standards for ease-of reach
and good overview of controls
and instruments. Ample seat
and steering wheel
adjustments will suit the
frame of any driver. ”

More information about
Scania Touring:
Visit the new Scania Touring

scania higher bus concept

After a great success at the
2008 China(Suzhou)
International Bus Exhibition,
Higer bus with six new
products will launch Shanghai
Bus World Asia 2008, mainly
including KLQ6147Q,
KLQ6125D, KLQ6125Q,
KLQ6180GQE3, KLQ6129GQ1
and KLQ6858Q, six new
models covers length from 8
to 18 meters, typles of Coach,
Tourist Bus, Public Transport
and Group Bus, which present
new development
achievements and the
enterprises' strenth of Higer

It is known that the booth of
Scania Bus is close to Higer
Bus booth, which embodies an
good cooperation relationship
between the two bus
KLQ6147Q "Scania Higer 90" is
aiming to win the
championship during the expo.
The main characters are
equiped with original Scania
chassis, engine(Euro IV)
system, international leading
breaking technology, CAN,
EGR technology and ElC.
KLQ6125D Higer 92 is a self
designed luxury bussiness bus,
and the front design, side
design, interior design, seat
design and audio, video
system design and etc are the
bus's new points.
KLQ6125Q Higer 92 has a
stable and reliable chassis and
body design, and is based on
Weichai, Xichai, Cummins and
Hino engines, with optimum
seat number.

The interior
design is human with LED
sleep lighting function and the
entertainment instrument is
more comfortable.
KLQ6180GQE Higer B98H
represents a high technical
BRT bus with big capacity and
reasonable design for
improving transport efficiency.
And key imported components
assure the good quality. The
model is also equiped with
energy saving and
consumption reducing power
system and reliable and stable
braking system.
KLQ6129GE3 Higer B92H is
considered as the first
selection of urban and
suburban bus with big
pessenger capacity and is
comfortable. The improved
fan and inlet system improves
energy saving efficiency and
fuel economy respectively.
KLQ6858Q Higer H8 has
mature chassis technology,
respected engine and is
comfortable and reliable.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Bangkok is one of Asia's most cosmopolitan cities. Created as the Thai capital in 1782 by the first monarch of the present Chakri dynasty, Bangkok is a national treasure house and Thailand's spiritual, cultural, political, commercial, educational and diplomatic centre. Major tourist attractions include glittering Buddhist temples, palaces, timeless Venice of the East canal and river scenes, classical dance extravaganzas, and numerous shopping centres.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Further safety features for the
new Travego include
cornering lights, a rain/light
sensor and long-lasting LED
clearance lamps above the
windscreen. The test vehicle
also comes with Litronic
headlamps (including
headlamp cleaning system),
heated windscreen, a backup
assist system with visual
display in the exterior mirror,
a rear-view camera with
cleaning system, a video
monitoring system for the
central entrance, a fire
detection system in the engine
compartment, around the
independent heater and in the
main luggage compartment,
plus a smoke detector in the

The emergency
hammers on the window
pillars are theft-proof,
ensuring they are always
available in case of

The Travego’s immobiliser is
an effective tool to help
reduce the risk of theft. A
crash recorder logs precise
vehicle data just before an
accident (similar to an aircraft
black box), enabling events to
be reconstructed afterwards.

As well as recording crucial
data, fitting the system
encourages many drivers to
drive particularly carefully.
Other equipment includes an
emergency mirror that can be
fitted on both sides for use
after a minor collision.

The Travego assists the driver
even after the vehicle has
been parked up. When the
driver leaves the Travego and
activates the central locking
system, the new "follow-me-
home" light function and fog
lamps provide added safety by
illuminating the area in front
of the vehicle for several

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